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the capital of Jordan
is a fascinating city of contrasts ideally situated on a hilly area between the desert and the fertile Jordan valley , a perfect base to delve deep into Jordan as it no more than a four hour drive from anywhere in the country .

As a modern and prosperous city , almost half of Jordan’s population is concentrated in the amman area . There is evidence of the city’s much older past everywhere you turn, you can find modern buildings rubbing shoulders with traditional coffee shops and old souqs.

The downtown area is much older and more traditional, with smaller businesses producing and selling everything from intricate gold and silver jewellery , to everyday household items .

You can find art galleries , coffee shops and a diversity of artisan shops along rainbow street, which truly embodies the unique blend of old and new that this city manifests.

The city is an ideal family location , also offering its visitors plenty of lively nightlife, with everything from cultural and theatrical events, to traditional Arabic entertainment , modern restaurants and clubs for kids .

Historical sites
the citadel is the site of ancient rabbath – amman, and excavations there have revealed numerous roman , byzantine, and early Islamic remains . Located on a mountain , it not only gives visitors a perspective of the city’s incredible history , but also provides stunning views of the entire area.

What to see
1. Jordan archaeological museum.
2. Jordan museum.
3. Jordan folklore museum.
4. Jordan museum of popular traditions.
5. Jordan national gallery of fine arts.
6. martyr’s memorial and military museum.
7. the royal automobile museum.
8. Jordan hejaz railway station.

amman has a range of hotels that cater to any budget from 1 to 5 star hotels , whether you are in the very authentic downtown area , or the very center of the city .

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