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Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and the center of the country. Many even call city of religious, cultural and historical center of the world. Jerusalem offers tourists holy sites and a rich history. The city also has a modern side.

The most important sights of Jerusalem can be found mainly in the Old City. The completely walled city center consists of a Jewish, Arab, and a Christian quarter. You can reach the city center via the jaffa gate . It is appropriate here to wear covering clothing in the narrow streets with markets, shops and restaurants.

Right next to Jaffa Gate is the Tower of David. This ancient citadel was long believed to be the palace of King David. You will now find excavations that are more than 2500 years old. Beautiful sound and light shows take place on summer evenings in the Tower of David Museum.

The famous wailing wall is the most sacred place for Jews. This is the Western Wall of the former Second Temple. Men and women pray separately at the Wailing Wall and there is a special atmosphere on Jewish holidays and on Shabbat. It is mandatory for men to wear a yarmulke. There are free copies to borrow.

The church of Holy sepulcher was built on the place where Jesus died and rose again. There are no benches in this church, but the different Christian denominations do have their own chapel. note: it can be very busy here, so take some extra time for a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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