Jordan’s nature reserves

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Nature lovers will find lots to enjoy and discover in Jordan, with a number of major nature reserves that are managed by the royal society for the conservation of (RSCN).

Azraq wetland reserve

Azraq is a unique wetland oasis located in the heart of the Jordanian eastern desert, where a wide variety of birds stop each year for a rest during their migration routes between Asia and Africa. Some stay for the winter or breed within the protected areas of the wetland. Its attractions include several natural and ancient –built pools, a seasonally flooded marshland, and a large mudflat known as Qa‘a Al-Azraq.

Shawmari wildlife reserve

The Shawmari reserve was created by the RSCN as a breeding center for endangered or locally extinct wildlife. Oryx, ostriches, gazelles and onagers are rebuilding their populations and reasserting their presence in this safe haven. This small reserve is a thriving protected environment for some of the rarest species in the Middle East.

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