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A world wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, And Jordan’s Most Valuable Treasure , Petra is Jordan’s Greatest Tourist Attraction. It Is a Vast And Unique City , Carved Into The Sheer Rock Face By The Nabataea’s , An Industrious Arab Civilization , Who Settled Here more than 2000 years ago, Turning It Into An Important Junction For The Silk , Spice and Other Trade Routes That Linked China , India , And Southern Arabia With Egypt , Syria, Greece, and Rome..

The Nabataea kingdom Existed For Centuries, and Petra Became Widely Admired For Its Refined culture , Massive Architecture and Ingenious Complex Of Dams and Water Channels. Ultimately , However, The Roman Emperor Trajan Annexed The Kingdom.

By The 14th Century , Petra Was Completely Lost To The West , and So It Remained For Almost 300 years. Then in 1812, A Swiss Traveler , Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Persuaded His Guide To Take Him To The Site Of The Rumored Lost City. Secretly Making Notes and Sketches , He Wrote : “ It Seems Very Probable That The Ruins At Wadi Musa Are Those Of The Ancient Petra

The khazneh following a candle- Lit path and enjoy the haunting music of the Bedouins at the treasury . Tours start at 8:30 pm and finish at 10:00 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A modest shrine commemorating the death of prophet Aaron (PBUH), brother of prophet Moses (PBUH) , Was built in the 13th century by the mameluk sultan ,high atop mount Aaron (Jabal Haroun) in the sharah mountain range.


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