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A world wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, And Jordan’s Most Valuable Treasure , Petra is Jordan’s Greatest Tourist Attraction. It Is a Vast And Unique City , Carved Into The Sheer Rock Face By The Nabataea’s , An Industrious Arab Civilization , Who Settled Here more than 2000 years ago, Turning It Into An Important Junction For The Silk , Spice and Other Trade Routes That Linked China , India , And Southern Arabia With Egypt , Syria, Greece, and Rome.

The Nabataea kingdom Existed For Centuries, and Petra Became Widely Admired For Its Refined culture , Massive Architecture and Ingenious Complex Of Dams and Water Channels. Ultimately , However, The Roman Emperor Trajan Annexed The Kingdom.

By The 14th Century , Petra Was Completely Lost To The West , and So It Remained For Almost 300 years. Then in 1812, A Swiss Traveler , Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Persuaded His Guide To Take Him To The Site Of The Rumored Lost City. Secretly Making Notes and Sketches , He Wrote : “ It Seems Very Probable That The Ruins At Wadi Musa Are Those Of The Ancient Petra.”

The khazneh  following a candle- Lit path and enjoy the haunting music of the Bedouins at the treasury . Tours start  at 8:30 pm and finish at 10:00 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A modest shrine commemorating the death of prophet Aaron (PBUH), brother of prophet Moses (PBUH) , Was built in the 13th century by the mameluk sultan ,high atop mount Aaron (Jabal Haroun) in the sharah mountain range.

Do not miss the Petra Archaeological Museum, and Petra Nabataean Museum.

What to see
Petra ‘s most famous monument, The Treasury or Al –Khazneh, Appears dramatically at the end of the siq . Used in the final sequence of the film “ Indiana Jones and the last crusade” , This towering façade is only the first of Petra’s secrets.
 A climb of over 900 rock cut steps will bring you to  what most visitors consider their highlight- a gigantic 1st century monastery (Deir).
To visit Petra during daylight as awe inspiring ; to experience it at night by the light of 1,800  candles is truly out of this world!  walk through the siq to

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